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 Magnus Screw Products-precision machined components Magnus Screw Products-precision machined components
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Precision Machined Components-Magnus Screw Products

Plastic & Metal Fabrication: Screws, Fasteners, Assemblies

Custom Precision Turned Parts & Screw Machine Parts

Magnus Screw Products, located in Chicago, IL, is equipped to provide plastic and metal fabrication for quality screws, fasteners and a host of custom precision turned parts and screw machine parts. We also offer you expert design guidance to help you reduce production costs. You can make a request for quote using our convenient online form.

As a single source provider, our comprehensive capabilities include:
CNC Machining Milling, Slotting, Drilling, Turning Broaching, Knurling, Tapping, Threading Shaft Work
Light Assembly Equipment List Secondary Services Expert Design Assistance

CNC Machining

CNC machining allows us to fulfill requirements for tight tolerances to .001”, unusual contours, and parts with multiple features. Oftentimes CAD software defaults to the difficult to machine tolerance of 0.0001”. As CNC machining experts, we are able to provide you with design guidance, advising you on minor changes that can equal savings of up to 30% on your part production costs. We are able to work with a variety of materials, including stainless steel and titanium. Decorative Adaptor

Milling, Slotting, Drilling, Turning

Our top-of-the-line in-house milling capabilities allow us to add features to your part such as flat surfaces, “slots,” or internal recesses. Typically we create a hexagon or square shape on a round part. Arbor-Assembled
Slotting allows us to customize a part requiring a slot, such as a flat head screw or a part the needs to provide clearance for moving parts.
We perform both precision drilling and cross-drilling to make holes in a part. With cross-drilling, the rotating cutting tip drills a hole on the axis opposite the primary drilling of a part. The end result allows for pin insertion to join parts. Holes are restricted to under 2” diameter. Square-Head-Screw
Turning allows us to integrate all of the design features of a part along a single axis. Keeping everything symmetric to the axis, the part is then spun or turned.  

Broaching, Knurling, Tapping, Threading

Broaching allows us to create square or hexagonal features on the inside of your part. For example, a round hole would be drilled into the top of a screw in order to then “broach” it to create a socket head cap screw. This technique is used, for example, to customize hardware to accommodate a wrench. SHCS-Open and Together
Knurling is often used to integrate improved grip or styling to a part and allows us to perform diamond-shaped or straight tooth scoring (splines) or textures. The rough surface prepares your part for the secondary application of a plastic or rubber coating. It may also function purely to enhance its appearance. For example, we make decorative brass and aluminum manual tightening screws for musical instruments. Specialty Screw

Tapping allows us to create threads on the inside of a drilled hole such as with the fabrication of a nut.

Threading allows us to put threads on the outside of your part.


Shaft Work

Shaft WorkShaft work allows for really tight tolerances and allows us to customize your cylinder part with features on both ends, such as flats or threads. Many shafts have key ways as a main feature. We can accommodate shaft work for small motors and small machines.


Light Assembly

Arbor-DisassembledArbor-Assembled For all parts we make for you, we offer custom assembly. We can also add a part you may already have to the parts we make for you.

Equipment List

Ameri-Seiki CNC Lathes Cincinnati Milling Equipment  Milwaukee Drill Presses
Bridgeport Milling Equipment Delta Tapper Machines Optical Comparators
Brown & Sharp Hand-Screw Machines Hardness Testers Tumbler Units
Brown & Sharp Ultramatic Screw Machines Micrometers with Ring and Plug Gauges Warner & Swasey Lathes
Centrifuge Units   Modern Tool Room    

Secondary Services

In order to ensure we deliver to you production-ready parts and assemblies, we can offer you support for any number of secondary services if you do not wish to manage these yourself. They include but are not limited to:
Grinding Plating Powder Coating
Stress Hardening Annealing Thread Rolling
Stamping Word Etching And more... tell us what you need

Expert Design Assistance

Magnus Screw Products offers you experienced knowledgeable guidance to help you improve the look and performance of your part and to provide you with an innovative, cost saving solution to produce the exact part or assembly you need. Simply provide us with your drawing or CAD and we’ll discuss with you the best possible way to achieve the result you desire. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote including all secondary services. Our goal is to ensure you receive personalized customer care, the highest quality parts and assemblies and a solution that makes good sense for you.
 You can make a request for quote using our convenient online form.
For fastest service call 773-889-2344.
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Magnus Screw Products – Precision Screw Machine & Turned Parts Since 1956