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 Magnus Screw Products-precision machined components Magnus Screw Products-precision machined components
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Precision Machined Components-Magnus Screw Products

Screws & Fasteners: Custom Precision Turned Parts & Screw Machine Parts, CRS Steel Products, etc...

Welcome to Magnus Screw Products

CNC Machining Milling, Slotting, Drilling, Turning Broaching, Knurling, Tapping, Threading
CNC Machining
We are able to work wirth a variety of materials including Stainless steel and titanium.
Milling, Slotting, Drilling, Turning
Our top-of-the-line
in-house milling capabilities allows us to add featrures to your part.
Broaching, Knurling, Tapping, Threading
Broaching allows us to create square or hexagonal features on the inside of your part.

Shaft Work Light Assembly

Shaft Work

Shaft work allows for really tight tolerances to customize your cylinder part .
Light Assembly
We offer custom assembly for all parts we produce. We can also add a part you may already have.

For more than half a century Magnus Screw Products, located in Chicago, IL, has been a trusted provider of quality screws, fasteners and a host of custom precision turned components and screw machine parts. When you need components for production, we have the years of expertise and capabilities to meet your design requirements. This includes CNC machining for high tolerances, slotting, shaft work and even light assembly. Equipped with a 9,000 square foot fabrication facility and modern production room we are a single source provider, arranging for your secondary services such as plating, grinding, powder coating, annealing, and stamping. This ensures we will deliver to you production-ready parts and assemblies. Specialists with brass, copper, steel, and titanium, Magnus Screw Products can handle almost any material including alloys, fibers, and plastics. Send us your drawings and we will provide you with design assistance that allows you to get the parts you need with up to a 30% savings in production costs.

Magnus Screw Products offers you:

Quality Parts & Assemblies Magnus Screw Products-precision machined components
Blanket Orders
Short Runs
Expedited Orders
Professional Customer Costs
ISO 9001:2008 Registered

Magnus Screw Products looks forward to the opportunity to provide you with custom standard or specialty screw machine and precision turned parts and assemblies.
You can make a request for quote using our convenient online form.

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Magnus Screw Products – Precision Screw Machine & Turned Parts Since 1956